About the Baby Ethan Foundation

The Baby Ethan Foundation was founded in 2010 by Janine Freed, whose personal experience inspired her to start this organization.

Janine's son Ethan was born at 27 weeks, weighing a mere 1.06kg. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, spent his first 3 months in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and at his young age, has already undergone a number of surgical procedures.

Through her own experience of having a premature baby with special needs, Janine's vision and determination is to improve the facilities of the NICU's in which these premature babies begin their lives.

Janine is also passionate about acknowledging the nurses and medical staff who care for these babies.

The Baby Ethan Foundation is registered as a Trust under section 18A of the Income Trust Act and operates as a Public Benefit Organisation.

In it's relatively short 'life span', the Foundation has already received much interest and support from professionals, individuals and corporates alike.

The key to the ongoing success of this foundation is through the maintenance of current relationships with our partner hospitals, and the development of new relationships with hospitals in need.

To date, The Baby Ethan Foundation is proud to be associated with:

  • The Rahima Moosa Mother And Child Hospital (previously Coronation) NICU.
  • The Charlotte Maxeke Hospital (previously Johannesburg General)and the Edenvale Hospital.